Hydrotest Pumps

Gulf Incon has earned itself an enviable reputation as a supplier of quality test equipment serving customers located around the world. GII is the official supplier of Hydratron hydrostatic test pumps, Hand and Air Driven liquid Pumps in UAE as well as in Middle East.

We supply compact, electrically driven, hydraulic power units that are suitable for use either onshore or offshore to provide hydraulic power to a variety of applications including hydraulic cylinders and tooling.

AZ-1 Series Hydraulic Pumps A Single Acting, air operated liquid pump for pressure testing, chemical injection and hydraulic power. Compact in size, minimal weight and ability to operate in many environments.
Air Driven Liquid Pump is a reciprocating, positive displacement pump with a directly coupled, integral linear reciprocating air motor designed to generate High-Pressure Liquid flow. The pressure increase is made possible by means of the area ratio between the larger diameter air drive piston directly connected to a smaller diameter liquid plunger/piston. Using our various material & seal options they are suitable for pumping a wide range of liquids including water, oil, water/glycol and many other chemical fluid.
Hand Pump Series Hydraulic Pumps A Hand Powered spring-return positive displacement pump designed to generate High Static Liquid Pressures. Compact in size, minimal weight and ability to operate in many environments.
A Double Airhead Double Acting reciprocating, positive displacement pump. Compact in size, minimal weight and ability to operate in many environments.

Hydrostatic testing involves filling a vessel or system with a liquid, typically water, and pressurizing until the required test pressure is reached. Typically, once the test pressure is reached, the test is complete. For other tests, hydrostatic pressure must be held for a specific length of time. Hydrostatic testing can be used to identify system leaks, structural integrity, manufacturing flaws, corrosion or maximum burst pressure. It can be used during routine safety inspections, to verify system modifications or validate repairs have been made correctly. Manual Hydrostatic Test Pumps from hydratron are ideal for testing residential water lines, heating or refrigeration systems, pressure testing small tanks, and sprinkler, boiler and solar systems. They are lightweight and easy to use. Equipped with shut off valve, gauge, adjustable internal relief valve and a 10 foot output hose is included.

Hydrotest Pump
Hydrotest Pumps
Hydrostatic Test Pump