ECITB Training in Dubai

Gulf Incon is approved by ECITB(Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) for the provision of Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) training courses in line with industry standards & practices. Gulf Incon ECITB approved Trainers have the technical & practical knowledge to deliver the training courses. They have many years of experience in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries (onshore & offshore) requiring bolted joint integrity.

The technical content of the MJI training modules will include:
  • Mechanical joint integrity (Flange and bolt materials, components, lubricants, dis-assembly, inspection and assembly)
  • Safe use of high pressure hydraulic equipment
  • General tooling maintenance
  • Correct tool selection

About ECITB Skills Training

The ECITB has worked with employers and training providers for many years developing and delivering wide range of engineering construction training. Our technical and craft training courses cover many key skills that can help employees find work and enhance existing employees’ career development, whilst simultaneously benefitting the wider industry by increasing the pool of skills available to it both within and outside the sector.

Approved training courses will usually cover either technical or occupational competences. They take between 1 day and 8 weeks to complete and are completed in four stages:

  • Stage 1 – Initial off-the-job training at an ECITB Licenced Training Centre.
  • Stage 2 – Guided work-based task assignment.
  • Stage 3 – Assessment via an ECITB Technical Test (to validate competence).
  • Stage 4 – Reassessment every 3 years to check performance.

By using an ECITB-approved provider, employers ensure their workers receive high-quality skills training. At the end of courses, employees receive an ECITB certificate of training to prove they have job-specific skills and understand safe working practices. As the training and qualifications are transferable with the individual it is also serves as assurance for employers when recruiting new workers.


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