Hydraulic Oil Fushing

Gulf Incon has extensive experience of Oil Flushing with the Hydraulic Pipelines, Industrial Pipe Flushing and Lube Oil Flushing System associated with Industrial, Marine and Offshore installations. The process will flush contaminants from the piping system by high-turbulence oil velocity circulation, where the contaminant will be effectively trapped in the filter. The Clean Oil after filtration will be pumped back into the piping system to flush out the remaining contaminant, and the process will be repeated continuously until the system is at the required ISO or NAS Cleanliness Codes.

Our typical oil flushing jobs include: steam, gas and hydroelectric turbine lube oil systems, compressors, paper machines, hydraulic systems, EHC governor systems, seal oil systems or any other industrial or marine lube or hydraulic system where flushing and purification is needed.

Hydraulic Flushing Rig:-

They are designed to work on any system Machine can be supplied to perform both oil flushing and pressure testing and is ideal for:-
  • When any system does not run properly due to contamination.
  • New plant Installation Prior to Commissioning.
  • System with Performance problems.

Avoid costly repair and replacement bills by using our revolutionary flushing rig range to flush, filtrate and clean contaminants that can build up in your hydraulic systems. Our Flushing Rigs are highly engineered to cover both onshore, offshore & marine applications.

Capable of Pressure Testing

As a subsequent option, an air operated hydrostatic test pump can be included, which adds the dual function of hydrostatic pressure testing to the rig. Converging to the same outlet as the flushing line, hydrostatic tests can be carried out before or after flushing without the need for breaking or making any connections.

Please contact us with your Flushing Rig Panel requirements:- enquiries@gulfinconme.com


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