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WE ARE AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS FOR: Desoutter Tools in UAE. Our technical engineers are fully trained and have an unrivalled working knowledge of Desoutter tooling.

  • Production tooling : DC and pneumatic
  • Tooling control systems
  • Sales, service and repair
  • On-site tooling calibration

we are committed to turning Industry 4.0 into products and services that deliver maximum benefit to our customers and partners. From reduced downtimes, to more flexible production processes with lower costs, Industry 4.0 has the potential to transform the ways organizations perform. This dedicated book acts as a gateway to that transformative journey, explaining the origins of Industry 4.0 in a global context, and highlighting its impact on production environments. Ultimately, it’s a story of how Desoutter and its partners can work together to create the smarter factories of the future. Explore Desoutter platforms like: Connect, CVI3, CVIC, CVIR, and CVIL. Recently launched tools like the EABS and BLRTC are now available as well. EABS – THE one hand nutrunner COMPACT & LIGHT WEIGHT FOR EASY HANDLING DIRECT LED FEED-BACK WITH OUR 360° VISIBILITY APPROACH 3 OUTPUT DRIVE TYPES (HEX1/4, SQ1/4 , SQ 3/8) 2 WORKING MODES: WIRELESS COMMUNICATION MODE AND DISCONNECTED MODE. The EABS tool has an embedded RFID chip for fast and efficient pairing with the CONNECT. Error proofing the process and eliminating any potential wireless setting mistakes. With easy wireless pairing, tool is paired in less than 10 seconds.

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