GE DRUCK product name has long been associated with precision pressure sensors and related test/calibration instruments. Druck’s product range includes relatively low cost OEM devices to very high accuracy resonant silicon barometric sensors measuring pressures from less than 0.001 to 1030 bar (0.015 psi to 15,000 psi). Druck’s range of portable field calibrators coupled with supporting software extends from basic instruments to highly accurate and intelligent pressure and temperature calibrators.

  • PACE Series Modular Controller/Indicator offers an economical solution to pressure control for production, test and calibration
  • High performance pressure sensors designed for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Fully submersible high-performance sensors for measurement of hydrostatic liquid levels
  • Our range of electrical test tools and pressure indicators are lightweight, easy to use
  • Multi-function Calibrator obtains high precision data in as much time as it takes to press a button, saving valuable operating time
  • Intrinsically Safe calibrators negate the need for ’Hot Permits‘ and gas detection equipment to reduce response times

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